More Picking of Locks

So, now it seems that my workplace has turned into a thieves training ground. Woodly bought the tools, and we’ve acquired a few more locks.

Meanwhile, Psym, the owner of celebrity ninja has been concentrating on thoroughly mastering our level 2 lock. Yes, it’s a relatively easy lock, but I tried for half an hour and couldn’t do it until Psym showed me how.

Lock Picking

I’ve often thought that lockpicking, along with a developed resistance to tear gas would a useful skill to acquire. Yesterday I picked my first lock with a paperclip and a stapler for tension. It was fairly easy, but required a lot of persistence. I’m not sure whether to try the same one again with it bolted into place and use a screwdriver for tension, or to have a go at the padlock I just bought.

Lock Paperclip StaplerLock